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KCB Bank, Ben Kiwanuka, P.O. Box 7399, Kampala, Kampala, Uganda, Banks in uganda
About Us:

KCB Uganda now has 14 branches. The KCB Uganda offers fully- fledged universal banking products that are tailored for this market which include world class infrastructure capable of facilitating one-branch banking in across border business environment.

KCB Group comprises of KCB Kenya, KCB Bank Tanzania, KCB Bank Sudan, KCB Bank Uganda and KCB Bank Rwanda.

The history of Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) dates back to 1896 when its predecessor, the National Bank of India opened an outlet in Mombasa. Eight years later in 1904, the Bank extended its operations to Nairobi, which had become the Headquarters of the expanding railway line to Uganda.

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KCB Bank

Ben Kiwanuka
P.O.Box 7399
Kampala, Uganda
Telephone: 256 414 234 173
Fax: 256 414 234 191
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